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A Dying Planet Short Stories (Gothic Fantasy)

A Dying Planet Short Stories (Gothic Fantasy)

ISBN: 9781787557819
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Resources running low, the population exploding, the planet is in danger: are we masters of our own destruction, or have we been invaded by aliens bent on mass extinction? Is this a pattern across the entire universe, or just our small sector of cosmic life?

This new title in our successful Gothic Fantasy Short Stories series explores the theme of a dying planet, written by a fabulous mix of classic, ancient and brand new writing, with contemporary authors from all over the world. For the first time we've made a conscious effort to reach beyond our usual submissions seeking broader voices. This book offers a glorious mix of American, British, Canadian, Italian, Indian, Spanish and Chinese writers with contributions from Barton Aikman, V.K. Blackwell, Steve Carr, Brandon Crilly, AnaMaria Curtis, Kate Dollarhyde, Megan Dorei, Stephanie Ellis, Anita Ensal, E.E. King, Michael Kortes, Raymond Little, Ken Liu, Thana Niveau, John B. Rosenman, Sydney Rossman-Reich, Elizabeth Rubio, Zach Shephard, Shikhandin, Alex Shvartsman, Kristal Stittle, Rebecca E. Treasure, Francesco Verso, and Marian Womack.

These sit alongside classic stories by authors such as Clark Ashton Smith, Stanley G. Weinbaum, H.G. Wells and more, as well as stretching back much further, to the Norse Eddas and Sagas, and an Ancient Egyptian Myth on the death of humankind.
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