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Kiss Him, Not Me 6

Kiss Him, Not Me 6

ISBN: 9781632362650
  • Author: Junko
  • Condition: New
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It's Kae, again! After the heart stopping showdown between the Mutsumi Brothers, things looked like they might finally settle down again, but a bold confession from Mutsumi-senpai spurs all the boys into action!

It's like a real life otome game as everyone tries to plan the best romantic afternoon, but it's so much pressure to choose, much less think about having a boyfriend! Especially when there are bigger problems to worry about...

Shima-chan and I are all fired up about a new anime that's perfect for us fujoshi, but we end up not seeing eye to eye! Can a friendship build on boys' love survive a vicious shipping war?!

Now an anime from the studio that made PRINCESS JELLYFISH and MY LITTLE MONSTER!
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