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Lily's Deliciously Different Day

Lily's Deliciously Different Day

ISBN: 9781945507021
  • Author: Grove
  • Condition: New
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Lily wants to be like everyone else, until one day she gets her wish and it goes terribly wrong!

Lily wakes up and her whole world is the same! Her clothes, the neighborhood, school, activities and even her favorite place - Mrs. Mae's garden. Finding encouragement from an unlikely source, a hummingbird named Ruby, Lily and her best friend Desi discover that the world is quite dreadful when everything is the same. They discover that it's not only delicious to be different but the world doesn't work when everything is the same.

It's Delicious to be Different! A particularly rough day at school leads Lily to decide that her life would be better if she could be just like everyone else. In an unexpected turn of events, Lily's wish comes true and she suddenly faces a world where everyone and everything are the same. But life in this world is not better. In fact, Lily learns that our differences are what make the world work.

The stunning artwork and compelling story will stay with you long after you've traveled with Lily through her most interesting day.

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