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Mystery of the Madagascar Fire

Mystery of the Madagascar Fire

ISBN: 9781961636477
  • Author: B Makaruk
  • Condition: LikeNew
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Mysteries of the Forest is a story about Reggie the Ranger, a red panda, a threatened species committed to protecting the world's forests and their inhabitants. With the help of his sidekick Willy the Weasel and the special superpowers in their tails, they fight against their nemesis, the evil Pierre the Poacher, who is always trying to poach and capture endangered species and sell them for money. Willy and Reggies reside in a secret forest range compound hidden deep in the Himalayan mountains. They have special superpowers in their tails, which they use as their weapons and defense mechanisms, along with martial arts skills. Using its captivating narrative and interesting characters, this book educates children about the demands affecting our environment and wildlife species, so we can all do our part to participate in better management. Remember: "Extinct means gone forever." Filled with amazing facts and vibrant illustrations, Mysteries of the forest is the perfect bedtime story.

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