Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients

Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients

ISBN: 9780806539225
  • Author: Blaylock
  • Condition: New
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This revised, updated edition of Russell L. Blaylock's revolutionary guide offers the latest cutting-edge information on how and why cancer develops, why conventional treatments fail, and the critical role inflammation plays in all stages of this deadly disease. Using the latest medical discoveries and most authoritative research, Blaylock reveals why essential natural compounds--vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals--can halt the spread of cancer. With the right combination of diet and nutrition, patients can develop their built-in immune mechanisms to stop the growth of cancer cells and protect their bodies from the debilitating, sometimes lethal effects of chemotherapy. In this new edition, you'll discover:

*The remarkable role plant extracts play in killing and controlling cancer cells, reducing the side effects of treatment, and relieving treatment-related depression, anxiety, and stress
*The vitamins, fruits, and over-the-counter special plant extracts that protect the heart and brain against toxic effects of chemotherapy
*The powerful mushroom extract that stimulates anti-cancer immune cells selectively
*Which commonly used cooking oils can battle cancer and those that stimulate cancer growth and spread
*The truth about glutamine/glutamate and cancer
*Natural compounds that protect cells, tissues, and organs from radiation damage and improve energy

Plus: Why cancer becomes resistant to some therapies - How a ketogenic diet starves cancer cells - How to protect the heart against cardiac toxicity - How Vitamin C promotes the beneficial effects of chemotherapy - How to transform cancer stem cells back into regular stem cells - How flavonoids protect healthy cells - Cancer's link to diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease . . . and much more!
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