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Roly-Polies (Mini-Animalist)

Roly-Polies (Mini-Animalist)

ISBN: 9788493824013
  • Author: Carretero
  • Condition: New
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Although chubby and gray, these funny little animals will embark on the adventure of forming their own theater and will remind us of that artist that we all carry inside.

Still don't know the Poly family? Beneath a large cabaret theater lived a huge family of roly-polies. The cabaret was open at night, and it welcomed the greatest stars of the moment, who got together to sing and dance to the rhythm of the music. But of course, with that noise, no one could sleep! So the Poly family decided to sleep during the day, and at night they put on their best evening gowns and joined the party. Undoubtedly, these little creatures were real artists. That is why they decided to put on their own show in an abandoned theatre box. Each member of the family had a special talent: one sang like angels, another preferred to dance and create the best choreographies... They all had their role in the show. One day, a family member who lived abroad made a proposal that they could not refuse... to set up a traveling theater!

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