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The Ball of Clay that Rolled Away (Shofar)

The Ball of Clay that Rolled Away (Shofar)

ISBN: 9781542020329
  • Author: Lenhard
  • Condition: New
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The kids at Camp Knish want to make the ball of clay into a mezuzah, a menorah, a kiddish cup, and more...but the ball of clay will have none of it. He jumps away, rolling through the camp and joining a circle dance, picking up a squash blossom as a sunbonnet, and getting mistaken for a soccer ball. Finally, he lands by a lake and just as the last camper approaches him, he has the last word! Jason Wolff's sprightly illustrations, rendered with paper, photographs, and colored pencils, capture the character of a ball of clay with attitude in this tale loosely based on The Gingerbread Man.

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