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The Deadliest Train Wrecks of New England (Disaster)

The Deadliest Train Wrecks of New England (Disaster)

ISBN: 9781467155540
  • Author: Turner
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Wrecks and disasters have been part of New England's railroad history since the 1830s. Derailments, head-on collisions, equipment failures, and human error all contributed to the tragic list of events between 1853 and 1966.

Forever etched in the public's memory is the horrific bridge disaster at South Norwalk, Connecticut - the deadliest railroad event to occur in the region that claimed forty-six lives. The catastrophic rear-end collision at Revere, Massachusetts, and the head-on crash of the Quebec Express in West Canaan, New Hampshire are among the eighteen wrecks explored herein.

Renowned railroad author Gregg M. Turner details the deadliest rail disasters across six states, their causes and some of the safety improvements they inspired.

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