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The Elephant in the Universe: Our Hundred-Year Search for Dark Matter

The Elephant in the Universe: Our Hundred-Year Search for Dark Matter

ISBN: 9780674295490
  • Author: Schilling
  • Condition: LikeNew
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A Seminary Co-op Notable Book
A BBC Sky at Night Best Book

"An impressively comprehensive bird's-eye view of a research topic that is both many decades established and yet still at the very cutting edge of astronomy and physics."
--Katie Mack, Wall Street Journal

"Schilling has craftily combined his lucid and accessible descriptions of science with the personal story of those unlocking the finer details of the missing mass mystery. The result is enthralling...A captivating scientific thriller."
--BBC Sky at Night

"Fascinating...A thorough and sometimes troubling account of the hunt for dark matter...You will come away with a very good understanding of how the universe works. Well, our universe, anyway."
--Michael Brooks, New Scientist

When you train a telescope on outer space, you can see luminous galaxies, nebulae, stars, and planets. But if you add all that together, it constitutes only 15 percent of the matter in the universe. Despite decades of research, the nature of the remaining 85 percent is unknown. We call it dark matter.

Physicists have devised huge, sensitive instruments to search for dark matter, which may be unlike anything else in the cosmos--some unknown elementary particle. Yet so far dark matter has escaped every experiment. It is so elusive that some scientists are beginning to suspect there might be something wrong with our theories about gravity or with the current paradigms of cosmology. Govert Schilling interviews believers and heretics and paints a colorful picture of the history and current status of dark matter research. The Elephant in the Universe is a vivid tale of scientists puzzling their way toward the true nature of the universe.
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