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100 Screen Free Ways to Beat Boredom!

100 Screen Free Ways to Beat Boredom!

ISBN: 9781438011493
  • Author: Hirschmann
  • Condition: New
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Log off, unplug, and stop boredom in its tracks with 100 fun, inventive ways to reconnect, create, and explore beyond screens!

Free your kids (and yourself!) from hours of mindless clicking and passive scrolling with 100 unique ideas to beat boredom before it strikes. You don't need lots of special materials, expensive toys, or detailed planning to have a great time without screens--just a bit of curiosity, a dash of creativity, and the desire to connect.

Each project includes step-by-step instructions, as well as a list of materials you'll need. Whether you want kids to entertain themselves solo or spend time as a family, this book has it all. With activities for cooking, crafts, gardening, and games, this is the perfect resource to keep kids active, engaged, and enthusiastic! So, go ahead and get up off the couch, drag yourselves away from the gaming consoles, turn off your phones, and dive into fun--you'll all be glad you did!

In this creative activity collection, you and your kids can learn how to:

  • Have an Indoor Picnic
  • Start an Herb Garden
  • Go on a Car Scavenger Hunt
  • Build an Obstacle Course
  • Make Napkin Roses
  • Create an Artful Sandwich....AND SO MUCH MORE!
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