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A Complaint Free World, Revised and Updated: Stop Complaining, Start Living

A Complaint Free World, Revised and Updated: Stop Complaining, Start Living

ISBN: 9780593581315
  • Author: Bowen
  • Condition: VeryGood
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Now revised and updated for our modern world, the "complaint free" philosophy teaches you how to stop complaining, become more positive, and live the life you've always dreamed about.

It all started more than fifteen years ago with a simple purple bracelet.

Will Bowen passed out bracelets and offered people a challenge: If you catch yourself complaining, take the bracelet off and move it to the other wrist, thereby making yourself aware of just how often you complain. The end goal was to go twenty-one consecutive days without complaining. A Complaint Free World develops this idea further, offering practical advice and simple principles to transform your life for the better.

The philosophy started a movement, with millions committing to going twenty-one days and beyond without complaining, criticizing, or gossiping. Through changing their words, many found they had changed their thoughts, resulting in healed relationships, improved careers, and a higher level of happiness. A Complaint Free World explains what constitutes a complaint, why we complain, what benefits we think we receive from complaining, how complaining is destructive to our lives, and how we can get others around us to stop complaining.

In this revised and updated edition, Will presents the steps to becoming Complaint Free and addresses the modern issues that make it harder--and more worthwhile--than ever, including reflections on how the internet has changed how we complain (and how we can resist) and inspiring new testimonials from people who have improved their relationships, workplaces, and attitudes by becoming Complaint Free.

Stop complaining. Start living.
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