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Batman Beyond: The Animated Series Classics Compendium

Batman Beyond: The Animated Series Classics Compendium

ISBN: 9781779525697
  • Author: Bader
  • Condition: LikeNew
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Twenty-five years since the debut of the fan-favorite animated series, the original comic book adventures of Terry McGinnis return a totally schway all-new collection!

In 1999, fans met Terry McGinnis for the first time in the Batman Beyond animated series--a new Batman for a new era, mentored by Bruce Wayne and fighting crime in a futuristic Gotham City!

That same year, Terry made his comic book debut, encountering threats such as Blight, Inque, and the Jokerz!

These stories--including the unprecedented meeting between Batman Beyond and the Batman of the present--return in this massive compendium collection!
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