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Charlie The Enviro Dog: Something Stinks

Charlie The Enviro Dog: Something Stinks

ISBN: 9798986675671
  • Author: Monroe, Jackson
  • Condition: VeryGood
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Charlie The Enviro Dog Series is the first of his kind...a dog and an environmental investigator! Charlie loves nature and knows that every little action counts. Charlie is enjoying his day while out in his neighborhood. He runs into his friend Sassy who is complaining about a terrible smell in the storm water drain. Soon, he and Sassy team up with a horse and rat snake to solve the mystery of the stinky water. Once again, Charlie with the help of his friends help solve the mystery of the source of an environmental hazard. Charlie hopes that more people would follow in his footsteps to protect the environment for all living things. Continue to read after the story to learn more about Charlie's featured friend, the rat snake and Charlie's Message.

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