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Courage In Magic (Book 4 of the In Magic Series)

Courage In Magic (Book 4 of the In Magic Series)

ISBN: 9781738803699
  • Author: Warawa
  • Condition: LikeNew
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Her magical gift led her to him...

But his dark past could tear them apart.

Psychologist Rowena Williams is hearing voices. Until recently, she was spellbound, but now she can no longer deny that she has a magical gift for communicating with the dead. Or that the voices she hears are because she won't let go of the past.

Reclusive writer Connor Davis is captivated by the beautiful woman who turns up on his doorstep. As intriguing as he finds her, he has no intention of digging up the ghosts of his own painful past that she claims are so important.

But now with a magical box capable of immense evil destined to end up in the wrong hands, only Rowena and Connor's combined magic can stop it from happening.

Together, they must face the demons haunting them and have the courage to believe they are stronger as one. Otherwise, untold evil will be released into the world with the power to destroy their past, present, and any hopes for their future...

** Courage In Magic is the fourth book in the In Magic Series. Each book has its own Happily Ever After. **

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