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Double Click: Twin Photographers in the Golden Age of Magazines

Double Click: Twin Photographers in the Golden Age of Magazines

ISBN: 9781982113049
  • Author: Kino
  • Condition: VeryGood
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A riveting dual biography of the McLaughlins--identical twin sisters who became groundbreaking photographers in New York during the glamorous magazine golden age of the 1930s and 40s--for fans of Ninth Street Women and The Barbizon.

The McLaughlin twins were trailblazing female photographers, celebrated in their time as stars in their respective fields, but have largely been forgotten since. Here, in Double Click, author Carol Kino provides us with a fascinating window into the golden era of magazine photography and the first young women's publications, bringing these two brilliant women and their remarkable accomplishments to vivid life.

Frances was the only female photographer on staff in Cond� Nast's photo studio, hired just after Irving Penn, and became known for streetwise, cinema verit�-style work, which appeared in the pages of Glamour and Vogue. Her sister Kathryn's surrealistic portraits filled the era's new "career girl" magazines, including Charm and Mademoiselle. Both twins married Harper's Bazaar photographers and socialized with a glittering crowd that included the supermodel Lisa Fonssagrives and the photographer Richard Avedon. Kino uses their careers to illuminate the lives of young women during this time, an early twentieth-century moment marked by proto-feminist thinking, excitement about photography's burgeoning creative potential, and the ferment of wartime New York. Toward the end of the 1940s, and moving into the early 1950s, conventionality took over, women were pushed back into the home, and the window of opportunity began to close. Kino renders this fleeting moment of possibility in gleaming multi-color, so that the reader cherishes its abundance, mourns its passing, and gains new appreciation for the talent that was fostered at its peak.

Pulling back the curtain on an electric, creative time in New York's history, and rich with original research, Double Click is cultural reportage and biography at its finest.
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