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Love and the Laws of Motion: A Romantic Comedy (The Romano Sisters, 2)

Love and the Laws of Motion: A Romantic Comedy (The Romano Sisters, 2)

ISBN: 9781335895882
  • Author: Weaver
  • Condition: New
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Together they'll unravel the secrets of the universe

Astrophysicist Olivia Romano has always preferred to stay close to her family in Brooklyn--even at the expense of her academic career. But with her advisor missing in action and an unscrupulous professor undermining her work, she's forced to rely on the reformed hacker turned elite computer genius whose sexy smile she can't get out of her head.

Nicholas DeSantis cut ties with his family at eighteen, running away from his old-school Italian American neighborhood to make it big in Silicon Valley. When Livie comes to him for help, he can't resist the project or the quirky woman behind it. Moving into the Romano house in his old neighborhood seems like the perfect short-term solution, if he can just continue to avoid his own family.

But while living together makes working with Livie easier, fighting his growing attraction to her becomes a whole lot harder.

When Livie's research is sabotaged, Nick takes a huge risk to get her the proof she needs to salvage her career. Moving forward means leaving Brooklyn and spreading her wings at last--just when Nick might finally be ready to put down some roots.

The Romano Sisters

Book 1: The One I Love to Hate
Book 2: Love and the Laws of Motion
Book 3: Love Around the Corner
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