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Method, Context, and Meaning in New Testament Studies

Method, Context, and Meaning in New Testament Studies

ISBN: 9780802882738
  • Author: Rowe
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A masterful collection of essays in New Testament studies connecting Scripture, theology, and human life

What is the purpose of studying the New Testament, and how is it best approached? Esteemed professor C. Kavin Rowe explores these questions in sixteen incisive essays covering a range of topics, including:
- the state of New Testament studies as a field
- the relationship between historical criticism and theological reading
- interdisciplinary methodology
- comparative religion and New Testament Christianity
- truth claims of the New Testament

What unites these diverse chapters is a holistic approach to the New Testament. Against the modern tendency to separate disciples, Rowe unites philosophy, theology, history, and biblical studies in fruitful conversation. Most crucially, he emphasizes the essential purpose of this academic work: its implications for human flourishing.

With an insightful and bold approach, Rowe's essays should be read by anyone interested in New Testament studies. Scholars and students will find the essays in this critical volume challenging and rewarding.
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