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One-Click to Give: Future Proof Your Fundraising with Social Media

One-Click to Give: Future Proof Your Fundraising with Social Media

ISBN: 9781642256710
  • Author: Berman, Black
  • Condition: New
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The world of fundraising is changing.

In an increasingly digital world, traditional in-person fundraising events are bringing in less and less support for nonprofits. And yet charitable giving is on the rise! People want to be able to donate to causes conveniently and on the social platforms where they spend their time. Through their donation, they wish to share in a nonprofit's mission and connect with a community of supporters like themselves. This-and much more-is possible through social giving-a new mode for fundraising that accounts for over $7 billion dollars (and counting) in nonprofit donations.

Every nonprofit can leverage social giving to maximize their fundraising potential, energizing their nonprofit to do more good. In One-Click to Give, Jeremy Berman and Nick Black, founders of GoodUnited, share how they've partnered with nonprofits from across the U.S. to raise over $1 billion through social giving. You'll learn how to create a future-proof social giving strategy that lays the foundation for a thriving community of supporters. And with a look to the future, they describe the trends that may impact your nonprofit's much-needed work.

Jeremy and Nick are on a mission to give every donor a meaningful experience, and One-Click to Give invites you to join them. By humanizing, personalizing, and revolutionizing social media fundraising, they are transforming the way nonprofits fundraise and engage their supporters. This guidebook is essential for the nonprofit leader who seeks sustainable funding to continue their world-changing missions.

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