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Pardon My French Press

Pardon My French Press

ISBN: 9798989567515
  • Author: Sterling
  • Condition: New
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A brewing workplace rivalry, a coffee shop that's drying up, and two enemies who are forced to work together. When you mix it all together, you get the perfect blend.


There's nothing like getting fired by an overeducated dumb person on Christmas Eve!

Even worse, I'm not the first person my cantankerous-jerk bosshole pulled this on.

It isn't fair. Not to mention I'm now broke.

It's a good thing I have my match-making business to fall back on, but somebody must stop Christian's bullying before his over-inflated-bobble head gets even bigger.

And bobblier.

That somebody might as well be me.


Lofty sacrifices are my mantra as I strive to build my Coffee Loft empire.

I want to be the top boss, with my feet up on a mahogany desk.

My lightly iced, half-caff, Grande, 5-pump, sugar free, cinnamon dolce, almond milk latte with whip in one hand and the keys to my Mercedes in the other.


Making my family proud of me is all I ever dreamed about, and I'll eliminate anything that gets in my way.

I've already forgotten little Miss Attitude, who I just fired.

That is until she returns with a diabolical plan to steal all my customers.

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