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Pretty Please Do Not Open This Book

Pretty Please Do Not Open This Book

ISBN: 9780655232612
  • Author: Lee
  • Condition: New
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The ninth book in the Do Not Open This Book series!
Wizz and Nessie have a dance performance to do, only one of them isn't feeling quite so confident...
Can you help Wizz face his fears? (Just ignore him when he tells you not to turn the page!)
Kids love reading about Wizz's adventures, the world over!

Andy Lee and Heath McKenzie are back with their highly anticipated ninth book, (Pretty Please) Do Not Open this Book. Whether 'pretty please' is a polite request or a desperate plea is for you to decide!

This time, Wizz is reunited with his delightful friend Nessie, in some more highly relatable and hilarious situations. Anyone who occasionally (or not so occasionally) is nervous or unsure of themselves will delight in Wizz's escapades.

Trying new things and letting go of fears about being good enough are important lessons and who could be better to teach a spoonful of confidence than Andy Lee?
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