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Pursuit of the Pud (Desert Island Diaries)

Pursuit of the Pud (Desert Island Diaries)

ISBN: 9781631070570
  • Author: Delacruz
  • Condition: New
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Even as Melissa and Nicol�s fall in love, everything else in their lives falls apart.

In this Christian YA adventure and sequel to Destiny at Dolphin Bay, recent high school grad Melissa Travis returns to southern Chile's enchanting Chilo� on a mission. Her youth group plans to build a church on the island of Chauquel�n, and chasing a romantic relationship is not part of the agenda. But as soon as Melissa encounters her old friend, Nicol�s Serrano, the earlier sparks between them burst into a blaze.

While the construction project races ahead, myriad obstacles conspire to drive a wedge between Melissa and Nicol�s. Their future career choices appear to lead in opposite directions. Family worries gnaw at Nicol�s as his brother opposes their mother's upcoming wedding. Melissa's ex-boyfriend and Delicia, her old nemesis, form an unlikely alliance to plot against her and Nicol�s.

Then in a fit of fury, Delicia blurts out a stunning claim that unleashes on Melissa and Nicol�s a chain reaction of suspicion and accusations. How can their new love thrive or even survive the fallout? Still more unsettling, have they strayed out of sync with God's timing?

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