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The Beautiful Doll

The Beautiful Doll

ISBN: 9798988933816
  • Author: Stiles
  • Condition: New
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An enchanted doll demonstrates extraordinary endurance as she seraches decades to find home.
Carrie Stiles is a native New Englander and storyteller who's been weaving tales since childhood. Despite a successful career in business, writing has always been her true passion. She's written 30 continuing education courses, ghostwritten and edited 9 books, written several works of fiction, and crafted countless promotional articles online. She has recently turned her attention to crafting children's stories with a special appeal to parents. The Beautiful Doll is her first children's book in print.
As a single mother, Carrie used to make up stories for her daughter, Jennah using inspiration from wall paintings in her home. Eventually, she started jotting down some of these tales, including The Big Fat Thumb, Marsha Doesn't Live Here Anymore, and Only an Apple. Lately, she's been busy with exciting new works that include When Kitty Sleeps Too Long, Lady Cardinal, Ice Cream Wars Old and Stinky, and The Beautiful Doll.
Armed with an MBA and a certification in children's book writing from the Institute of Children's Literature, Carrie's dedication to her craft is evident. She is also a proud member of Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).
Now that her daughter is grown with a family of her own, Carrie loves crafting stories for her two grandchildren, Olivia and Madilyn, who serve as her most insightful critics.

The Beautiful Doll is a story about an enchanted doll who doesn't quite fit in. She does not look anything like the other dolls in the toy store, and she is the only doll trapped inside a box. She changes her dress and hat a little bit each day hoping someone will take her to that magical place called home. Yet, despite her efforts, no one wants her. One day a little girl notices the beautiful doll and holds her for the very first time. But the doll's excitement is soon crushed when the little girl is forced to leave the store without her. Decades pass, and the beautiful doll is transferred to an antique store where she continues to wait for the little girl to return. She is ultimately hidden in a cabinet, survives a fire, and finally sees the sun for the first time. Her true enchantment is discovered outside in a stunning spectacle just before a handsome stranger sees her rainbow display, scoops her up, and takes her back inside.

The Beautiful Doll is an engaging story of patience and endurance that reminds us we all deserve love no matter what our looks or our circumstances.

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