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The Imagination Tree! Where Dreams Begin!

The Imagination Tree! Where Dreams Begin!

ISBN: 9781953686350
  • Author: Bast
  • Condition: LikeNew
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination is the language of the soul".

Albert Einstein

The Imagination Tree! Where Dreams Begin! is told through the kind spirit and perspective of a family's beloved Tree which is rooted in the backyard of young Janie's home. It is a story of a child's imagination inspired by her connection to nature. Tree's spirit and Janie's imagination is reawakened after a long, lonely winter.

Janie's mother ignites Janie's creativity further by painting "The Imagination Tree! Where Dreams Begin!" on a sign and placing it on Tree. The book takes the reader into the magical world of make-believe, friendship, and family. As the deepening bond between the two grow, Janie shares a secret wish of hers with Tree...

Perfect for adults to read to young children and for blossoming independent readers who will find themselves adventuring with Janie and Tree.

Recommended for ages 5-99. Children and adults will love the whimsical illustrations that complement the story for each reader's imagination.

This story will enrich homes, libraries, and classrooms.

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