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The Last Few Miles of Road: A Carter McCoy Novel

The Last Few Miles of Road: A Carter McCoy Novel

ISBN: 9781685125776
  • Author: Beetner
  • Condition: VeryGood
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When Carter McCoy learns he hasn't got long to live, it's time to take care of something he has wanted to do for years--kill the man responsible for his daughter's death. But Carter has no experience killing and isn't even sure he can do it.

Breanna needs to escape her toxic home life or end up living a life of regret. When she happens upon the old man with a rifle, she sees a light at the end of her dark tunnel. Carter may be the answer to her problems, if he lives long enough to help her.

Carter is a man on borrowed time, and what he does with the rest of it could change who he has been his whole life. With the police closing in one step ahead of death, Carter has the opportunity to change Breanna's life and give her the chance his daughter never had. With his trusty dog, Chester, at his side, Carter's last act will be the one that defines who he is.

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