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The Shabbat Puppy (Shofar)

The Shabbat Puppy (Shofar)

ISBN: 9781662525001
  • Author: Kimmelman
  • Condition: LikeNew
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Every Saturday morning Noah and Grampa take a special walk. It's the best time to find Shabbat shalom, some Sabbath peace, Grampa explains. Noah loves their time together, but he'd love it even more if his puppy, Mazel, could join them. That wiggly, waggly, wet-nosed puppy? says Grampa. He's just too noisy. But Noah keeps asking, and one day Mazel proves that he, too, can find Shabbat shalom. Jaime Zollars stunning illustrations, prepared with graphite and digital paint, show that peace can be experienced, even with a lively puppy nearby.

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