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The Understory

The Understory

ISBN: 9781646052752
  • Author: Sangsuk
  • Condition: LikeNew
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A novel of man's relationship with nature, power, and the vitality of storytelling, from beloved Thai author Saneh Sangsuk.

The lovable, yarnspinning monk Luang Paw Tien, now in his nineties, is the last person in his village to bear witness to the power and plenitude of the jungle before agrarian and then capitalist life took over his community. Nightly, he entertains the children of his village with tales from his younger years: his long pilgrimage to India, his mother's dreams of a more stable life through agriculture, his proud huntsman father who resisted those dreams, and his love, who led him to pursue those dreams all over again. Sangsuk's novel is a celebration of the oral tradition of storytelling and, above all else, a testament to the power of stories to entertain.

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