The world we knew changed

The world we knew changed

ISBN: 9781918142266
  • Author: Singleton
  • Condition: VeryGood
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We lived in a different world fifteen years ago. An alien assault on Earth was launched.

It began as little more than a rumour on the internet, and eventually the nation it happened to became silent. Months passed with no word, and the rumours faded down, only to resurface following another one of those odd events.

An alien warship, space debris, and a shooting star.

This time, more people were becoming aware of it, it grew significantly, and everyone-aside from the government-was talking about it.

I was twenty years old when the second wave occurred. This delighted me greatly. This was my opportunity to marry a fascinating alien man. I'm sure my "gaming" background would come in handy for them. I would live happily ever after, and they would fall in love with me.

We dubbed the first aliens Xalavian. Not that anyone wanted us to be spouses, but they refused to accept us. They were vicious creatures that used people as their "cattle."

This exceeded my expectations beyond measure. The aliens in the games I played were gorgeous and wonderful. Heroes and warriors, not these motley crew of villains.

Earth was no longer confined to the safety bubble of "do aliens exist or not"; all aliens were welcome to come here.

Fhaen, or elves as we humans called them, came next. Stunningly attractive, untainted beings with long, silky hair, pale eyes, and a fragile appearance.

They protected us from other extraterrestrial invaders that, to be honest, we were completely unaware of at the time. We took what they stated to be true.

To say we were respected and kept secure does not imply that they were kind.

species of slaves. That's the human condition.

By now, my fantasies had been abandoned, forgotten, and abandoned to the depths of my ridiculous imagination.

Then I encountered Zohra, another alien species.

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