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ISBN: 9781848612068
  • Author: Finkelstein
  • Condition: VeryGood
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Poetry. TRACK is a book-length poem, originally released in in three volumes by Spuyten Duyvil.

Norman Finkelstein's TRACK undertakes a voyage beset by recombinatory duress. An excursis through realms where 'the letters / arrive to be destroyed, ' this wickedly wise poem keeps on arriving long after it's done--a lingering trade or track of mind in mind, trouble in mind. It is a beautiful, beguiling book of unrest.--Nathaniel Mackey

TRACK enacts what it is haunted by, casting spells because it remains under spells, as is all writing which finds itself too late for a ruined past, too early for a promised future.--Tyrone Williams

No contemporary figure's life project more avidly scours the borders between heaven and earth, doctrine and faith, the metaphysical inside the physical spaces of a Word, than poet/critic's Norman Finkelstein.--Claudia Keelan
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