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Wake of the Huntress

Wake of the Huntress

ISBN: 9798990059009
  • Author: Tullis
  • Condition: New
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After the murder of the queen and the disappearance of the prince, the king of Enderhail is manipulated into placing blame on the autonomous Havani tribes who wander his lands. The peaceful nomads suddenly find themselves pulled into a decade-long reign of terror from which they cannot escape. To the Havani, the reasons for the king's brutality are a mystery. As far as they know, he despises them simply for being who they are: different and outside of his control.

Eighteen-year-old Havani girl Xanya Fortista doesn't particularly care about the why anymore. She cares about stopping it. Having survived one of the king's merciless raids as a child, she is determined to free her people from a tyrant who has no right to rule them. As Xanya fights for justice alongside her best friend, Dominic, she will discover her true power and the tangled web of betrayal, corruption, and dark magic that could bring the entire world to its knees.

Wake of the Huntress is the first in a trilogy titled From Beyond the Mountains.

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