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Yaguaret White: Poems (Camino del Sol)

Yaguaret White: Poems (Camino del Sol)

ISBN: 9780816552191
  • Author: B�ez
  • Condition: LikeNew
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In Diego B�ez's debut collection, Yaguaret� White, English, Spanish, and Guaran� encounter each other through the elusive yet potent figure of the jaguar.

The son of a Paraguayan father and a mother from Pennsylvania, Ba�z grew up in central Illinois as one of the only brown kids on the block--but that didn't keep him from feeling like a gringo on family visits to Paraguay. Exploring this contradiction as it weaves through experiences of language, self, and place, Ba�z revels in showing up the absurdities of empire and chafes at the limits of patrimony, but he always reserves his most trenchant irony for the gaze he turns on himself.

Notably, this raucous collection also wrestles with Guaran�, a state-recognized Indigenous language widely spoken in Paraguay. Guaran� both structures and punctures the book, surfacing in a sequence of jokes that double as poems, and introducing but leaving unresolved ambient questions about local histories of militarism, masculine bravado, and the outlook of the campos. Cutting across borders of every kind, Ba�z's poems attempt to reconcile the incomplete, contradictory, and inconsistent experiences of a speaking self that resides between languages, nations, and generations.

Yaguaret� White is a lyrical exploration of Paraguayan American identity and what it means to see through a colored whiteness in all of its tangled contradictions.
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